June - July 2000

New Orleans:
arrive Tues. afternoon July, 25, space looks killer, huge, i am outside in the courtyard, screaming hot, fully catered party, the party is HUGE, i am in the center surrounded on all sides, kinda weird, it is fun, intense, this guy comes up after the show and says he has seen me like 4 other times all over the US THIS YEAR and that i changed his life and saved him, weird, humbling.We take the STRAP ON to a party and let some birthday girls operate it, we go see an optical illusion invention in a churchlike installation. We stay up all night. Eat fantastic food everywhere, it rains warm rain, i ride my bicycle all over, people are friendly, i look out for MASTER P.

the Fri. show for the locals is on.
I love Narlins, stayed at a cool victorian called the JOSEPHINE, cool couple run it, Dan & Mary Ann, the city is so rad, real, tragic, rich, dense, i love it, i could live there, it appears more and more people are thinkin that.
My dear old friend Michael Aaron athttp://rockcollectibles.org dj'd for the 2nd show using an old grade school record player and REAL 60's sci-fi records, it was killer, i want him for my full time DJ. The show is in the back parking lot of a gallery/movie house called ZEITGEIST Theatre, it goes OK, good crowd, police chopper shows up AFTER we are done, Gaspo and Chris help out. I got to hang wit my old lover Mara, it was so sweet, magic. We sit under her favorite tree in the park just like years ago.
After the 2nd show we go see ERNIE KATO, he is surreal, a god. He has his own bar, its the 2nd time i see him this trip!
My plane leaves at 7:30 AM the next morning and everyone's like well, you can't go to sleep, it was funny, i'm thinkin, I SLEEP. I like sleep, but no sleep was to be had


And on and on, i got on that plane and i felt like i was from pluto, and I was. And life was good, very very good.


RALPH NADER FOR PRESIDENT 2000 http://www.thegreenpapers.com/News/20000625-0.html

CELL SHOW 7/9/00
great to being a hometown show FINALLY, the "last" show of the years tour!
a fitting end
sold out packed house, had to turn people away, too bad, yet good
slipped by the man
3 machines in front room.
q&a session
worn sore hands
hometown faces
dust/insulation fell from the ceiling when i ran the FIRETHRONE
very very fun
VERY happy positive crowd
Gadz, twas humbling
video shot and soon available!!
great crew, mucho gracias props to my peeps: Jay, Geekboy, Charlie, Dave, CELL folks, Jennifer Holmes, Marty, EB, Jericho, & on & on. MUCH LOVE

TEMPEST/FLUFF GIRL show: fri. night 7/7/00:fluffgirl rocks, MY FAVORITE LOCAL BAND, I'LL RUN MY STUFF AT THEIR SHOWS, NOT BECK'S, ran 2 machines at this LITTLE punk rock bar, wouldn't let me run my secret weapon with pyro, still fun tho. Bob burned his hair, SPIKE crushed records.


Geekboy was our navigator/tourguide, first night a huge party in the woods, show the next day, the cities 4th 'o july festivities are at the foot of the pier in The Point's cove, it is BRILLIANT, Pedro really threw down for us, sunny, warm, food vendors, bands, cliffs run right to the edge of the perfiormance area, the ocean is at our backs, we go on right before and right after the fireworks, a massive show, they are going off right over our heads, the fireworks guys come by and marvel over our hardware, we exchange pleasentries like old vets, respect, i let a woman who spoke Spanish and BARELY any English in the FIRESHOWER, it was HARD to explain to her the safety rundown, mobs of people wanted to operate everything, ran the large fireball shooter, massive feast after the show, theres a bunch of SF people up there, CYBERBUSS, the BIKE RODEO, lotsa hangerons and drifters lookin for that hot out of town gig, we gots it tonight, the place to be that night, truly magical, transcendant........... the next coupla days were spent in the redwoods with our guns.


I think that risk-taking and adventurism are a search for transcendence, for forgetting, pulling out of your boring reality, for release, letting go. There's a desire in people who constantly defy death and need an adrenaline high. To feel alive in our stultified world. People who are always testing the limits are gambling with their lives, it falls under the archetype of Adonis, the beautiful young man (or woman) whose blood is shed to regenerate nature.


Q: How can I bring you guys to my city or school?

A: Check out our booking information

ROBOTWARS/BATTLEBOTS? Boooooorinnnng, did it, well at our own gigs never with one of the Corporations. I get asked this sometimes 4 times a week, their gig is a no-brainer, painfully obvious, the first thing you think of when you start building stuff, so i am trying to work on the 2nd, and well even the 5,000th thing i have thought of,

SRL? done did that to, Mark is brilliant, the grandfather of scene, i learned buttloads there, quite empowering, at a cetain point I realized I wanted to do other stuff. work with different ideas. It was time to move on if i wanted to work on my own ideas

Q: Has anyone ever been injured at one of your performances?

A: No one has EVER been injured at a SEEMEN performance, ever.

Q: Will you help me or show me how to build ________?

A: Dear ___________,

Thanks for the interest in me helping you build some art. Unfortunately at the present i am not helping build or design other peoples' work. So thanks so much for asking it sure makes my fucking day!!

live Performance Sunday, July 9th 2000 at: Cell Space 2050 Bryant St. San Francisco, Ca. In the LOVELY Mission district 415.648.7562 Doors 8 PM performance at 10 PM $8.00 CHEAP no one turned away for lack o cash


6/17/00 PHOENIX
DAVID THERIAN'S WAREHOUSE, all good, HUGE space, still crazy hot, no other acts on the bill, no cops, BIG pyro, got to run the FLAMETHROWER BOOTH, only like the 3rd time a space could accomodate it, highlight was the baby pigeon that walked around the set during the whole show and a woman volunteers for the SHARKCAGE and she is ready to climb inside and her friend runs up screaming NO! NO DON'T DO IT, she grabs her and adamantly tries to stop her, made a big scene, stops the show. she meant well. well, so do I for that matter. funny, sad. I felt for the scared woman,, But the volunteer persevered and went for the ride. The volunteer for the PANTOGRAPHIC arm feeding the FLOWER was shy, she wouldn't knock it over.


don't go back to sleep she said

We are going home, try and get my bearings in SF,


maybe Point Arena July 4th



6/16/00 At Steven Eye's space, hot, hot, hot, 110 degrees, and here I am doing a fire show, I have been doing shows here for 11 years, Steven is a gem, I really put him through the wringer this time though, his space is all wood and kinda tight,

we ran the RING 'O FIRE with the flames lapping the ceiling, packed house, every machine pushed it farther and farther, the crowd freaked as each piece did its thing, it was obvious they weren't prepped what we were going to do, people are FREAKING, the volunteers are timid, this is the first show like this this tour, now at the end.

it made for a cool vibe, the volunteers were truly heroic when they survived each piece, they were the stars, not me, it was all about them, they triumphed, each person was a hero who looked their demons in the eye, I try and build machines that address this, looking at things that need addressing, that would normally be covered up, those are the things that need addressing, hence the hardest things to deal with, it freaks people, it brings them bliss, I am ALWAYS enraptured by the unpredictable results,

we talk and talk about this the next day over breakfast, using fear as a tool, as a a medium, I have talked about this all tour, hell for years now, now it seems a little clearer, all the more important, To inspire people to go on their journey, itÕs not about me, its about something bigger, Steven is a killer philosopher, we ran the BED 'O FIRE on the street out front, EVERYONE is losing it, poor Steve included, funny, by the end he was beside himself, in a good way and a bad way, I gave him a huge hug, I felt for him, he never said anything, let me keeeeep going, Steven is the wise man, philosophical in the best way, kind, giving, outspoken, a real gem,

Potatoe showed up with a possee from Bisbee, SECRET CHIEFS were cool , scammed all the door from us buts that's what rock bands do, scam, I hang there and gab with Steven for hours and hours on end, good ole Tucson, people there from 11 years ago, like going back home....driving through the desert, sippin coffee, gadz the desert is beautiful, it looks lanscaped, like someone went through the millions of acres and placed everything in its perfect spot, life is good.

We are now turning the corner, heading west, back to civilization.

TUESDAY 6/13/00

ANTIOCH COLLEGE: mini show out in front of the student union, I was sick, some kinda NY bug hangin onto me, reminding me that I was just devoured by the great toilet called NY, I hadn’t escaped unscathed, I hadn’t slept more than 5 hours in a week and I was snapping, feverish, soar throat ,GREEN snot, good god, I keep thinking I am 39 fucking years old, WHAT AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF FOR???, I feel I can’t go on, but what else am I going to do on this planet, not one single thing comes to mind, nothing, we were SPENT, drove straight thru from NY, this was the opposite of NY and that was just fine, I was totally exhausted, ran 5 machines, the students were great, happy, enlightened bunch, this school is unlike any other, really, it was so peaceful, green and expansive there, a breathe of fresh air. I reckon we will be back.

We went to the Bicycle Museum in New Bremen , Ohioo, brilliant machines, then we drove straight through to Albq.Into the desert, into the 100 plus degree heat……

We are driving through New Mexico, truly GOD'S country, you can feel it in the landscape, we spent the night and part of the day in Albq. At my old partner in crime Mykel Diaz's, it was fantastic. We ate, we drank,,,,,,,,,,,,, like kings. Peaceful. Off to Tucson, then Phoenix, then, finally, home, & one more show at CELL in SF. It feels so good to be near the end, that ALL the shows have been successful, despite all odds. Never had any real bad machine breakdowns, pretty miraculous, for homemade machines, never building any prototypes, still get all the loser guys who aren't following their own journey tellin me what I should build next, god.

STUFF GIVEN TO ME ON TOUR: a cow killer gun (really) CD's, videos, fireman's coat, porn mags.,food, drugs, very very good home cooked meals, T-shirts, drugs I don't do, more food, cab rides, shitty beer, stickers, sex, magnets, handshakes, hugs, advice, books, tapes, GOOD BEER, countless couches and floors and beds to sleep on, a very cool joystick (I've been wantin one of these, from a woman from Kent State ART faculty, bless her), more CD's, computer discs, more videos, a mini japanese style gazebo, herbal extracts,.

NEY YERK SHEWS JUNE 9 & 10, 2000

The hardest moost difficult shows to date, phenomenal amount of energy and meetings and discussions and EVEN the dreaded lawyers and insureance men involved. If they all were like this I would never ever consider performing again, thank god they aren't. No sleep. Warm loving audience, 2 jam packed shows.

we flyered a SONIC YOUTH art opening, THURSTON exclaimed OH COOL THE SEEMEN! Ryan and I were drunk, giddy, 1/2 the crowd were snobby, the other 1/2 went to the shows, I was soaked from a rainstorm, I ran into Margaret from SF, I was tongue tied, I couldn't believe it, I had such a crush on her once.

Packed warehouse, a miracle we pulled off two shows in the middle of Manhatten under the watchful eye of Guilliani, cops came in full force the first night but were diffused by the Madagascar Institutes finest, pigs show up but, as usual, after we are done, set up a paranoia fer the second night. The M.I. also presented a WONDERFUL FIREWORKS SHOW right ON THE STREET after our 2nd gig.

People are hungry there, damn hungry. Each night really really great volunteers Screaming with approval. Screaming hot, sweat pouring out of every poor, like a cleansing. A very very positive scene.

People are insane there, loopy, irrational, everyone knows how I should present my work and doesn't give a rats ass how I want to. they ALL expect and demand a piece of you, and they wll probably get it.

WFMU is the worlds greatest radio station. Filth, tourists, horrible water and air.

Martha Wilson, the woman who brought me to NY is an angel, a gift, a national treasure.


Truck got a flat & was early towed

Put up $2,000 before hand for rent, ins. Webaccess, etc. LIVE WEBCAST OF BOTH SHOWS, thouroughly archived, media were like bloodhounds on us! DD was there from DC, my old neighbor Pat with his daughter ROGUE!, I asked her how was my garden ?? she said it was HUGE! And beautiful, CROW was there, David Lantow and Lea, it was so crowded, I would wade thru the crowd to the next machine, I was wearing SETH'S MR PORNO shirt, and I would run into someone I knew!, I was speechless, fer once,

NY is bizzarre, after a certain point I couldn't do any more interviews, I wanted to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in years, I wanted to drink a beer UN-selfconsciously, I wanted to pick my nose, It got old being the man of the moment, it sure brings out some visciously jealous feelings in some, warm apprecative feelins from others. NY, I can't begin to understand it, as much as I hate it, I love it, I can't begin to comprehend my month there nor the shows……THE WORLDS MOST beautiful women,

!!!!!!!!!!!NEW YORK CITY SHOW!!!!!!
Eyebeam Atelier
542 W.21st St.
btwn. 10 & 11th aves.
June 9 &10, 2000
doors 9 show 10 PM sharp
$10 Bucks

killer huge warehouse, goin for full scale show, its gonna be interesting, The Whitney used the space for their offsite Biennial shit. They are going to shit their silk panties.

So much of it is about time.. Time in the truck(long painful hours/days) In a hurry to get where we are going Time during the actual performances (fleeting) Missing loved ones and home i can't begin to understand time, i want it circular, i want to time travel, to suspend time, to slow it down or stop it, then you could keep growing intellectually and stop aging.

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