cooking rice without a rice cooker

How to Cook Rice Perfectly

perfectly cooked rice grainsPerfectly cooked rice grains taste just like heaven. The rich aroma, the smooth texture and the inherent sweet taste in rice make me fall in love again and again with it. Having been an ardent lover of rice for like ages I have really understood rice cooking in a much better manner. I mean I know what kind of dish requires soaked rice and what kind of rice is perfect for a particular recipe. Not only this has enabled me to enjoy rice in a better manner, it has also led me to choose my rice as well as the rice cooker with an expert opinion.

Well, if one doesn’t have a rice cooker, it really doesn’t mean that he or she will not be able to make any type of rice. But, yes, the rice cooker makes cooking easier and sophisticated. So, if you don’t have one, cooking rice is kind of easy and if you have one, cooking is a bit easier. If you are planning to buy one, I would recommend you to read rice cooker reviews. Consult Chef Brazil rice cooker buying guide and ratings before hitting the stores to make sure you get a set that performed well in their lab tests. Well, enough about the pots and rice cookers. This post, I am going to dedicate to the process which should be followed to make the perfect rice. As mentioned above, rice can be cooked with and without a rice cooker. So, I will be sharing the method for both the cooker based as well as pot based recipe.

cooking rice without a rice cookerIf you don’t have a rice cooker, and generally prepare rice in a cooker, then you should first measure the rice in a cup (as per your need) and wash them under running water until the water runs clear. The next step is to soak the rice in water for 15 to 20 minutes. For soaking rice, the quantity of water should be such that it forms a thin layer over the rice. Finally, you can drain the rice and put it in a pot. Now, add twice the amount of water (2 times the amount of rice). Keep a lid on the pot and let it boil on a low flame. Keep the flame as low as possible. If you are using an induction top, then you can keep the heat as low as possible. You have to keep stirring the rice occasionally with a ladle. Once the water evaporates, the rice is ready.

If you don’t have time to soak the rice, you can directly put the washed rice in the pot and make the quantity of water 2.5 times that of rice. Remaining steps are same as above.

cooking rice in a rice cookerIf the cooking is to be done in a rice cooker, then it is very easy to prepare the meal. You have to just wash the rice and add the rice and water to the cooker. The amount of water will vary as per the cups and the instructions mentioned in the instructions manual of the rice cooker. The soaking, cooking settings, and other things will be taken care of by the rice cooker itself. You just have to press the appropriate button. There is no need to stir the rice and once the cooking is over, the cooker will beep you up. You can use the keep warm feature too if you wish to keep the cooked rice warm for a long time.

Now you know how to cook rice and can easily make some. So, what are you waiting for, get up and start cooking?

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